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An accomplished personal injury attorney rooted in Minneapolis, MN, James Carey is an influential figure who exudes wisdom and professionalism in his work. His impactful career harmoniously blends with his commendable personal life, manifesting how these twin virtues have served as his illuminating beacons throughout life.

Career Overview

As the President and Managing Partner at SiebenCarey, James has successfully carved a career revolving around the relentless pursuit of justice for injured individuals in Minnesota. His wisdom shines through his focus on cases related to auto accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and abuse, and catastrophic personal injury. With a track record of securing big wins, Carey’s courtroom skills and experience, high personal character, and honorable reputation earned him a seat on the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Professional Achievements

James’ professional journey is adorned with awards and recognitions that speak to his unfaltering professionalism. A testament to his dedication and ability, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the American College of Trial Lawyers and has been serving as a fellow for eight years. James Carey’s talent earned him the “Lawyer of the Year” title in Personal Injury Litigation by Best Lawyers of America in 2022.

James displays immense tenacity in his profession, seen clearly during his tenures as the President of the Minnesota Association for Justice from 2010 to 2011 and later through his recognition in the Million Dollar Roundtable and Advocates Forum. His unique distinction as a Civil Trial Law Specialist sets him apart in his field. A recognition given to fewer than 2 percent of all Minnesota’s personal injury attorneys, it is a testament to James’s professional prowess.

Education and Thought Leadership

James’ wisdom is channeled back to the legal fraternity through his frequent engagements as an author, lecturer, and mentor. He shares his invaluable experiences at legal seminars, the Mitchell Hamline Law School, and the College of St. Thomas, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to nurturing future legal minds.

Community Leadership and Charitable Activities

Infusing passion into community leadership, James utilizes his professional wisdom and organizational skills for the benefit of numerous non-profit organizations. Currently serving as a director on the board of the Minnesota Family Foundation, he shows his strong affinity for military families and echoes this sentiment through his support for Minnesota Building Trade’s Beyond the Yellow Ribbon initiative.

James’ commitment to charity extends to his mentorship of law students at St. Thomas University and the Mitchell Hamline Law School. He was also a long-serving member of the Hennepin County Parks Board of Commissioners and holds board memberships. His associations include Playing 2 Win 4 Life, Family Focus, and Camp Buckskin — organizations that contribute to ALS, foster care, and facilities for challenged youth, respectively.


Beyond his professional and philanthropic pursuits, James’ ardor for hunting manifests his connectedness to nature and his home state of Minnesota. It offers a glimpse into his personal life, which is characterized by the same grit, determination, and sportsmanship he brings to his legal career and charity work.

Awards and Honors

With numerous awards dotting his professional landscape, such as the Best Lawyers “Lawyer of the Year” and the 2022 Saint John’s Alumni Award, James’ impact is recognized and appreciated by many. His consistent feature as one of the Top 40 Personal Injury Attorneys in Minnesota and his pro-consumer rights stance cement his status as a legal luminary. His tireless dedication to his profession, his community, and his clients continues to set the benchmark for excellence in practice.

James Carey epitomizes wisdom and professionalism, qualities that permeate every sphere of his existence. His commitment to providing justice for personal injury victims, his enthusiasm for nurturing the next generation of legal professionals, and his immeasurable contributions to his community are proof of his character. Weaving these virtues into the very fabric of his life, James Carey stands out as a testament to what one can achieve with a true blend of professional prowess and wisdom cultivated from a life dedicated to service.

James Carey


James Carey